Giving Back

Giving Back to the Community
Over the years, Jazzercise has acted upon Judi's philosophy of "giving back to the community." Judi and her legion of instructors have raised more than $27 million for a wide range of charities by leading special large-scale free workout programs, performances at major sporting events, and local benefits. Other efforts include Kids Get Fit, one of the free workout programs to help school districts promote kids’ fitness as a way of life to children, and the CyberStretch Giveaway Program, a free computer safety software program to help reduce repetitive stress injuries.

A passionate supporter of the arts, Judi developed an in-house Art Gallery and innovative art lease program at the Jazzercise, Inc. corporate office and hosts Art Receptions to help budding artists get exposure. In addition, Jazzercise worked with the International House of Blues Foundation (IHOBF) to sponsor a series of art workshops for deaf and hard-of-hearing children and disabled adults.