Instructor Quotes


Being a Jazzercise instructor is hard work, but I certainly feel I get paid back. Not only in money, but also in personal development, fun and friendship.

-Anniken Grotting
Sandnes, Norway

It is gratifying to hear from new and long-time students about the positive role Jazzercise and I have played in their weight loss, mental well-being and in maintaining a more fit lifestyle in general.

-Leslie Rowley
Benicia, California

Jazzercise is very 'cutting edge', staying on top of everything. I like being involved in something that's on top of everything - something that's number one!

-Christie Pavlovcak
Mentor, Ohio

I was asked to tell my story of making my passion into a full time business for the book Sixteen Weeks to Your Dream Business: A Weekly Planner for Entrepreneurial Women by Nada Jones & Michelle Briody published by McGraw-Hill. I began my career in Human Resources & Leadership Development, but always had a real passion for dance and fitness, and an entrepreneurial spirit. In 1990 I became a certified Jazzercise instructor as a way to fulfill my passion, teaching classes part time, while working full time in my corporate career. In 2002, I faced a corporate down-sizing and decided to pursue a full time career in fitness. I grew the business slowly and expanded only if the revenue could fund the growth. In September 2006 I leased a commercial space and opened a Jazzercise Fitness Center. I continually look for new ways to grow and expand the business, enhance revenue streams, and better serve our customers. You have to constantly embrace change to succeed. My best advice would be to make sure you are absolutely passionate about what you are doing. Always make a plan, but be smart enough and flexible enough to change it when needed.

-Kristen Hallett Rzasa
Norwalk, Connecticut